5 Tips for a nature weekend in Camargue

The Camargue is famous for its stunning nature. Tourists come here to enjoy bird-watching, visit a bull farm, watch or experience horse-driving on the beach and smell the fresh lavender field while walking in the nature. With these 5 lovely tips from our staff member Lucile we hope to make your nature weekend stay in the Camargue even more intense.

1. Bring your camera and go Birdwatching

After a great night of sleep get up early to watch the birds in the Camargue. Walk directly from the Auberge Cavaliere into the dunes and spot pink flamingo’s and 340 other species of bird that live in the Camargue fauna.

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The flamingo’s have not always been here. Since 1970 the are reproducing themselves on a small island in the Camargue. Do you know this is the largest colony of pink flamingos in the Western Mediterranean? The Camargue Regional Natural Park offers guided tours from April to September because free access is not authorised on the small island. Lucile is more than happy to help you arranging a birding tour.

In the Le Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau you may discover all species living in the Camargue.

Don’t forget to charge your battery pack and add an extra memory card to save all the beautiful pictures that you are able to make in the nature around our hotel!


2. Visit a bull farm

The bulls the Camargue is also famous for can be visited on a farm. But don’t be fooled. The bulls in the Camargue are not bred for fighting. In the Camargue bulls are are bred for their meat. Our cooks prepare excellent dishes with bull meat. Since the ‘90’s the meat has the rare “l’Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée”. The bulls are also know for the Courses Camarguaises that take place from March to November. You will read more about that in our next article so please like our Facebook page to get a notification when the new article is posted on our blog.

There are quite a few “Manades” in the proximity of our hotel in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Together with the Tourist Office of Arles and Office de Tourisme Saintes Maries de la Mer we suggest the following bull farms:


3. Smell the lavender fields

Smell the fresh lavender fields on a warm day is very relaxing. That is why this is Lucile’s personal favorite nature tip. The Camargue is part of the Rhone delta and because of the humidity rich in fauna. Now is the best time to discover the lavender since it grows from early July to the end of August. Discover the purple fields under the blue sky and feel reborn in the Camargue countryside.

You can take the Lavender home with you in products that are sold like:

  • soaps
  • lavender essential oils
  • lavender honey
  • and dried flower bouquets


4. Go horseback driving

The white Camargue horses, have a great affinity for their riders. That makes horseback driving a pleasure for everyone and every level of experience. Even if you have never rode a horse you will feel comfortable sitting on the back of this animal. On the Auberge Cavaliere we have our own stables, managed by Jérôme Ferton. Mr. Ferton love to takes his guests out on the beach and nature for a horseback riding trip. During the trip he will explain you about nature, the birds and other animals you might encounter. Our tip: a sunset or sunrise tour in the beautiful nature of the Camargue.

Trip can be done for half and full days and may include lunch on the beach.

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The history of the white horses goes back to 1905 when Marquis Folco de Baroncelli-Javon saw a horse show in Paris. He was so inspired he decided to create Les Gardians, an order dedicated to preserving traditions of the Camargue in the South of France. Nice to know: our Cabane hotel rooms are named after the Gardians.

Our famous Camargue horses

Our famous Camargue horses

Are you looking forward for a nature weekend in the beautiful Camargue? We offer packages from € 175 per person on half board, including a horseback ride in our 4**** hotel. Lucile is happily waiting to give you a warm personal welcome upon arrival in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, close to Arles. Do you want her to contact you? Please leave your e-mail or telephone and she will contact you within 4 hours.

Lucile is waiting for you

Lucile will contact you within 4 hours


5. Discover Natural Park Camargue

Pictures tell us more than words. Everyday we see more guests taking pictures of the stunning Camargue nature. Lucile choose some of the most recent pictures that show you what you will feel when discovering the Natural Park Camargue from our hotel Auberge Cavaliere.

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